Internally designed structured cabling for both the copper distribution part and the fiber optic backbones. We develop the data system in all its parts, both the passive infrastructure (cables and related accessories) and active (switches and traffic management devices). We are commercial partners of Netgear and Draytek, we supply complete integrated systems to various types of plant at extremely advantageous prices and with extremely short intervention times.
It is possible to program all the devices directly in our laboratory, so that we can install them quickly.

We deal with:

  • design and installation of wired network systems inside industrial, office and civil buildings;
  • design and installation of integrated extended systems (fiber and copper) in the area such as industrial complexes, office blocks, manor houses;
  • design, installation and configuration of active systems, firewalls, traffic management according to the priority of applications and services;
  • configuration of VLAN, VPN both lan to lan and client to server;
  • design, installation and configuration of WiFi systems also with centralized antenna management.