We have developed our activity in both civil and industrial fields. Our technical specialists offer engineering solutions and transform them into systems we built and install.
We have always preferred innovative technologies and are constantly looking for solutions that combine energy efficiency with low environmental impact.

We take care of design and realization of the projects:

  • refrigeration and thermal power plants of any power with both hot and superheated water;
  • integrated cogeneration or trigeneration systems with absorbers;
  • steam production plants, steam networks;
  • cooling systems for technological or civil use;
  • air conditioning and heating systems;
  • air conditioning systems;
  • water supply and discharge networks;
  • ventilation systems;
  • channels and air treatment networks;
  • primary or full-air ventilation systems;
  • MV / LV electrical substations, electrical power and distribution panels;
  • electrical, building automation and lighting systems;
  • fire alarm control panels and fire prevention systems;
  • copper and fiber optic data network, centralized WiFi networks;
  • video surveillance, security, access control, anti-intrusion systems;
  • integral fire prevention projects, also according to the new fire engineering criteria;
  • energy design and certification of buildings;
  • maintenance and direct operation of all the systems listed above both with on-site presence and via remote management to guarantee efficiency, reliability and energy savings.