The pre-assembled technological systems we design and build specifically for large industrial plants. These are special systems designed and made by measure based on specific needs.

These include:

  • industrial pressurization units;
  • preassembled systems for water purification;
  • pre-assembled systems for the treatment of water in industrial circuits;
  • large floaters;
  • skid for the production of hot water by steam;
  • cooling, heat exchange and pressurization units for cooling and heating circuits;
  • pre-assembled containerized systems ready for shipment to remote locations, fully functional and tested in the workshop.

For this type of pre-assembled systems, which we mainly produce for the foreign market, we also take care of certification, transport and custom clearance.
The realization of plants on containerizable skids allows to reduce installation time on the site and to eliminate the critical issues related to the assembly of components. Pre-assembled systems are tested, programmed and checked before shipment, eliminating any problems with the functioning of the separate parts that can be found only after the commissioning phase.