We also operate directly and with our internal technicians in the design and construction of the following systems:

  • intrusion detection systems;
  • security systems;
  • surveillance by passive or active cameras (motion recognition, facial recognition);
  • portals for license plate recognition and management of company gates;
  • cameras active in the visible or infrared field for night control activities;
  • certified thermal scanners with facial recognition and combined management of multiple gates with or without blackbox. Acquisition of thermal scanning and visible spectrum on PC or digital recorder;
  • thermoscanner with multiple analysis of subjects up to 30 on a single point that can be combined in multiple stations;
  • VoIP telephony with extensions active on the local network or also via VPN on remote stations in order to manage through a single personal telephone exchange temporarily on the move, located in other locations or working in telework;
  • IP telephone networks active both via cable and DECT coverage;
  • coverage via single cell networks or DECT multi-cell networks with active roaming management;
  • activation of internal numbers on PC with connection to the telephone exchange even remotely, without the need for a physical telephone.

In the field of VoIP telephony we are direct partners Snom and Draytek.

The systems are designed and built on specific needs and are intended as turnkey without the customer interventions. We directly manage electrical part, network infrastructure, installation and commissioning.